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 SCI-Algonquin Chapter Projects
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Bancroft North Hastings High School NOS Program
​SCI-Algonquin chapter financially supports local educational classes held at Bancroft North Hastings High school.

The Northern Outdoor Studies class is a four credit high school program open to grade eleven and twelve students.  Since 1997, this program has been preparing students for direct entry into the work force with employers in selected sectors such as: logging, resource and wildlife management, and ecotourism. Students study ecology, resource and forestry management, recreation services, community leadership, and other topics related to employment patterns in the area. The Northern Outdoor Studies Program has worked closely with industry to identify recognized training and certifications that students should achieve while completing their secondary school diploma. Before finishing the program, each student assembles their own portfolio highlighting the certifications, skills, and knowledge they have gained throughout the course. Employers in the community are actively involved in curriculum development, work placement initiatives, and the development of skills profiles for entry level workers.


Red Cross Standard First Aid & CPR  
Canadian Fire Arms Safety Course First Aid & CPR Hunter Safety Course 
Fur Harvest, Fur Management and Conservation Course 
WHMIS Training 
Ontario Recreational Canoeing Association (ORCA) Flatwater & Canoe Tripping Level I 
SP-102 Forest Fire Fighting Course 
Pleasure Boat Operator’s Course 
Professional Chainsaw Operator’s Course (Parts I, II & III) 
Service Excellence Course 
Restricted Radio Operator’s Licence (Aeronautical) 
O.P.P. Volunteer Search & Rescue Training Level II 
Passport to Safety Training 
Working in Bear Country Safety Training 
Professional Cable Skidder Course (optional) 

Basic Canoeing Skills 
Five Day Algonquin Park Canoe Trip 
Lake Trout Spawning Survey 
Live Range Shooting Practice 
Tree Marking & Harvesting 
Hunting Economic Impact Study 
Deer Harvest Survey 
Map and Compass Training 
Duck Box Survey 
Crowe River White Pine Seed Orchard Rehabilitation 
Deer Yard Enhancement & Trail Maintenance 
Coop Placement With Local Trappers 
Coop Placement With Freymond Lumber 
Basic Bush Survival 
Trip to Sir Sanford Fleming College 
Resume and Portfolio Development 
Natural Resources Career Exploration 
Committee work all term - Public Relations, Photography and Displays, Finances, Equipment, Vehicles, and Room 

SCI-Algonquin chapter particpates in Wounded Warrior program with Ottawa Valley chapter Ted Averbrooke and the Royal Canadian Dragoons
Two Canadian soldiers from the Royal Canadian Dragoons injured while on tour in Afghanistan were taken on a South African hunt. This hunt was arranged by a long time SCI member Ted Averbrooke who arranged to take these two gentlemen and accompanied them on thier succesful trip. Upon thier return and having successfully harvested a beautiful Springbok as well as many other species. Being the RCD's mascot it was only fitting that a life size mount produces and donated to the RCD's headquarters. Both SCI-Algonquin and Ottawa Valley chapter agreed to cover the expenses to mount this animal.
Talks are under way to take more wounded warriors an hunts. for more info contact SCI-Algonquin chapter at Talks are under way to ta
Talks are under way to take more wounded warriors an hunts. for more info contact SCI-Algonquin chapter at sci-algonquin@hotmail.comTalks are under way to take more wounded warriors an hunts. for more info contact SCI-Algonquin chapter at

SCI-Algonquin Chapter delivers Bllue Bags to South Africa

Members from the chapter travel to South Africa and deliver much needed supplies to a local Community, medical and school suplies were greatly appreciated.  rs of theOtjikondo School Village project; A boarding school for 240 kids from ages 6 to 14 established in 1989, when Reiner and Gillian Stommel purchased the farm Otjikondo and decided to renovate the old buildings turning them into a Primary School for underprivileged Namibian children. The project aims to offer academic opportunities giving poor children a future perspective in a global world.  

Guests are able to visit to the school and get an insight of the day to day life. Donations of school materials are very welcome….which is where our August 2010 visit starts. Arranged by our outfitter, Onduri Hunting Safaris, we spent a half day visiting with the goal of bringing two SCI Blue Bags containing school supplies and toys. We were welcomed by an amazingly warm group of kids, teachers and of course Gillian. A facility tour was the first order of business where we saw classrooms, dormitories, and their parish. We also had the opportunity interact with the kids, many who could speak English, play a bit of soccer and share a bit about each of our lives. In anticipation of our visit some of the older students from Otjikondo and a neighbouring school came together and did an amazing production (and I do mean amazing) of a familiar bible story for our benefit. Gillian advised us that as a reward the participants would receive ice cream for their efforts. As much as we enjoyed the production we felt strongly that everyone at the school made our day special so arrangements were made for all the students to get ice cream…a task that was easier than one might think given our geography.

The school operates on very thin margins and where extraordinarily greatful for the supplies provided through our Blue bag donation. The kids, of course, where more interested in the toys so Gillian was very clear that the “gifts” would be distributed and enjoyed as rewards for their academic efforts. 

The airlines, when presented with the SCI info letter, generously agreed to push the bags through at no additional cost from Canada. When approached, the outfitter was more than pleased to make all the arrangements knowing it would put them in a positive community light and directly benefit their community….a win win! It made an amazing “side trip” on our journey through Namibia and the warm feelings we received from our visit stick with us to this day.
 community. Stewart and Denise Ray Mark and Cheryl Reinert werethe travellers who got these bags filled and travled to Africa with the Blue Bags
Elk Reintroduction program in Ontario 
SCI has been directly involved in the reintroduction of the once native Rocky Mountain Elk back into Ontario. Since the reintroduction nearly 20 years ago SCI and many other partners have continued to support the program both financially and volunteering mnay hours. In 2011 Ontario held it's first hunt in over 20 + years a true success story. SCI an continues to work closely with the Elk management and other species throughout Canada.
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SCI-Algonquin Chapter Participates in Youth Hunt Mentorship Family Day

August 24th 2013 SCI Algonquin chapter participated as a partner with the Renfrew County Youth Hunt Mentorship Program Family day. SCI-Algonquin chapter purchased 10 Benelli 20 Guage youth shotguns to be used on mentored hunts and family days. They also sponsored 10 of the 20 youths to be trained in hunter safety as well as their firearms training. This was a great event with 20 mentored youths and their families attending as well as potential youths for next years program. On Sept 14th Youth waterfowl hunting day, 20 youths along with their mentors will head into the field to hunt waterfowl . "This is a great event and something that SCI-Algonquin chapter is proud to be a part of, Our children are our future and ensuring they have the opportunity is what is important." is what Roxane St. Michael Chapter President said during a speech at the opening ceremonies of the Family day event.